Malaïka was born on the beautiful island of Saint-Martin. From a tender age, she was surrounded by music at home, and involved in her father’s gospel band. Her gift for music was evident from an early age. When in Martinique for her studies she made her way into the musical scene on the French-speaking Island. She has worked as a background vocalist with some of the greatest on the French reggae scene such as the group 4 Hard Way, Tiwony, Lusdy, Mounia, Valley, Pleen Pyroman, Mc Janik…Back home since 2009 it didn’t take long for her to get back to what makes her heart beat. She started doing occasional background vocals for various local artists such as Jérémie Huot, Twin Monarchy, D.O Gizzle, Fatta, and King Vers among others. Malaïka is now branching out as a solo artist signaled by her first solo concert in October 2016.